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Protection of environment, climate and resources

Do you also wish to contribute to the sustainable protection of climate and resources? Are you looking for custom solutions to your individual situation?

Then use the company’s practical experience in dealing with biological waste and landscape refuse, scrap wood from different categories as well as with the material-specific treatment of different residual waste fractions.

Remember that "waste management is climate protection" and "renewable energies are the future"!

biomass, under the new German Renewable Energies Act (Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz, EEG) biological waste and landscape refuse result in  multiple advantages from energy production and compost (Gro▀bild ca. 90 KB) The German Federal Republic wants to increase the quota of renewable energies up to 20 percent or more. This will lead to intensified investments in the use of biomass and in particular of different waste streams with native-organic parts in the years ahead. The amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act [Novelle des Erneuerbare Energien Gesetzes (EEG)] will encourage further activities in the waste management market (see also At the same time, these intensive developments in Germany are the basis and the motor for a large number of demands from abroad.

With RESSOURCE ABFALL GmbH, procedures and suppliers will be selected on your behalf from the multiplicity available and the solution will be customised to your local and regional situations to find the most efficient one. The findings of various methods of comparison and accounting approaches allow a professional evaluation to be made in regards to the many different recycling options available. The specific difficulties in dealing with the "raw material waste" can be judged professionally with regards to the best potential process engineering and plants. Practical knowledge and real operational experience lead to reliable assessments and recommendations. The most suitable combination of the use of compost as a humus developer and replacement for peat with an energetic use of single sub-fractions, or of biogas from sub-fractions, also produces a multiple benefit for enterprises and nature.

Upon demand or particular requirements defining the project to be carried out, services can be provided as a part of a network. The corresponding contacts are already available. This also applies to projects to be to be carried out abroad.